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RTPFC/APFC Components

Due to constantly rising power tariffs and penalties imposed by the State Electricity Boards / utility companies and also achieving legal guidelines, it is highly recommended for any HT and LT industry or consumer to install an Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) panel for curtailment of power factor penalty – also reducing maximum demand and to save energy.

The entire performance, the so called apparent power of a transmission network consists of active and reactive power together. While the connected consumer electrical implement the active power, reactive power is not consumed.

The reactive power on the consumer’s side is only used to build a magnetic field, for example, for electric motors, pumps or transformers. Reactive power arises, when power is obtained from the power supply network, but then again is fed into the grid, this is how it commutes between consumer and producer back and forth.

This represents an additional burden on the networks and requires a larger dimensioning to absorb, besides the made available active power even the commuting reactive power.

The result: less active power can be transported. In the following important parameters of supply and known interferences are listed.

Solutions we provide-

  • Supply, Installation & Commissioning of APFC/RTPFC Panels.
  • Supply of Components like APFC/RTPFC Relays, Detuned Reactors, Capacitors, Firing Cards, etc.
  • Repairing / Refurbishing of existing panels of any makes to get maximum capacity utilization of the infrastructure.
  • Conduct Power quality audits to ensure maximum power factor incentives from utility companies.
  • Provide manpower to maintain the panel rooms & give services to maintain power factor unity.


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