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Electrical Facility Management

The Electrical Sub-Station is the main source (hub) of incoming and distribution, it can be called upon to change voltage level or improve power factor or convert A.C. power into D.C. power, etc. The Panel room has many components (e.g. circuit breakers, switches, fuses, instruments, etc.) which must be housed properly to ensure continuous and reliable service.

Complete substation maintenance and repair services by us include…

  • Overall electric power substation inspection thorough cleaning of each device
  • Troubleshooting of any equipment operation
  • Mechanical and electrical testing of all substation apparatus
  • Troubleshooting of any substation electrical system
  • Design modifications required for equipment replacement
  • Electrical wiring replacement
  • Testing of any substation relay for proper operation
  • Verification of protective device coordination
  • Complete test reporting