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 Water is the most important ingredient for all life in the world. Among all water resources on earth, only 3% of it is not salty & 2/3rd of the fresh water is locked up in ice caps & glaciers. At present only about 0.08% of all world’s fresh water is exploited by mankind, in ever increasing demand for sanitation, drinking, manufacturing, leisure & agriculture.

Water is a renewable resource, yet the world’s supply of clean water is steadily decreasing. As the population is increasing demand for water is also increasing.


We offer waste water management system & water resource management system which is a single source of supply for complete water related equipment’s. Automated water usage monitoring system proposes an effective way of controlling the unnecessary wastage of water wherever by means of wireless sensor nodes. Also available for STP, ETP and Air/Gas Flow Monitoring.


Sensor nodes are placed at every water outlet points sensing the flow of water. The sensors collect data, route it through our device & data is pushed to our cloud server. The server collects the data to process & track usage and wastage of water at every outlet. When excess water is used it is indicated & an alert can be sent to the users. The user can continuously keep a track of the water usage or wastage through any device which has an internet connection. This water monitoring systems helps the users to keep a track of their water bills as well as conserving water.