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HVLS-High Volume Low Speed Fans

Introduction :

HVLS-High Volume Low Speed Fans – Industrial Power Saving Ventilation Jumbo Fan.

The KALE BRAYAN ® HVLS – BLDC Industrial Ceiling Fan is a breakthrough product in the field of ventilation. Heavy Industries, Factories, Foundries, large warehouses and commercial buildings are difficult to cool. Air conditioning systems are inefficient and are very expensive to operate in large open spaces.

Standard small ceiling fans & floor fans are noisy, present a safety hazard, and occupy valuable floor space. HVLS industrial ceiling fans are ideal for large commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, processing and assembly plants, warehouses, big box stores, large dairy/poultry sheds, sports arenas, aircraft hangars, or any other large indoor or outdoor facility.


  •  BLDC – Brushless DC Motor.
  • High end design to ensure the safety, during running. Worlds No.1 Fan using Magnallium in our fan blade, which is high in strength and long life.
  • Worlds No.1 Fan having blade and hub connector as externally coupled to blade which make the entire dynamic load stress evenly, hence no breakage will be there in the blade or blade coupler.
  • One fan will cover up to 10000 Sqft to 30000 Sqft Area, in open space.
  • Reduce Temperate up to 3°C to 4°C due to man to man, with respect to the sweat evaporative cooling concept.
  • Less power consumption. (150W to 1500W)
  • Easy installation.
  • Elegant & beauty in look.
  • Sound level is <40dBA.
  • No Maintenance cost.
  • Long life product. 15 Years warranty for the blades.