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Hybrid Power Factor Correction

As has been explained so far, Active Current Conditioner is the only universal solution capable of addressing all current related issues. This flexibility is due to the advanced Static Compensator technology and the advanced control algorithms implemented through the DSP micro controller. Unfortunately, the flexibility also comes at a price which sometimes can be prohibitively high especially when the client’s primary intention is to perform ultra fast, and step less reactive power compensation along with partial (lower priority) harmonic, unbalance or neutral compensation.

At P2 Power Solutions, we always put our clients first. To make our products more cost effective and increase technology penetration to even the smallest of industries, we have introduced Hybrid Current Conditioners.

A Hybrid Current conditioner has an Active Current Conditioner coupled with heavy duty, de tuned capacitor banks. The switching of the capacitors is controlled by the Active Current Conditioner micro controller. The advantage is that the base load is catered to by the fixed banks whereas fine correction is achieved by utilizing the ultra fast and step-less response of the Active Current Conditioner block. Together, the solution is able to become extremely cost effective along with retaining all the performance advantages of a purely Active Current Conditioner.

In addition to achieving smooth, step-less and instantaneous power factor correction, our Hybrid solutions can be programmed to correct Harmonic distortions and Current Unbalance scenarios (on lower priority). Our 4 wire Hybrid filters can be used to perform neutral correction also.

Also, P2 Power Hybrid Conditioners have a compact footprint, a modular design and are virtually maintenance free