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MAC 612 CLOUD PLC (1st Time in India)

Process control deals mainly with monitoring, analyzing and maintaining any system’s output within a threshold value set by its customers. Measurable process control inputs/outputs in process control domain are innumerable. Process control variable can be analog signals or digital signals which are measurable and controllable.  Analog signals transmit information in terms of voltage or current measurements. Amongst the measurable currents, 4-20 mA is the most important standard maintained in Industries. We are the 1st in India to Manufacture MAC- 612 devices which is a high end process control device operational in this current range. This enables it to be utilized for various applications like:

  • Temperature monitoring system
  • Building management system
  • Gas monitoring
  • Water flow control and monitoring
  • Door sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • HVAC control & Lighting management system

MAC 612 shown in the figure consists of ARM CORTEX processor, Fibocom GSM module, 12 high precision Analog inputs and 12 Digital Input/Output’s. The device has RS 485 and RS 232 ports, and Dual sim slot option. The ARM Cortex-M4 processor used in our device is a high performance embedded processor, operates at 80MHz frequency at 100 DMIPS performance & has an in-built timer. Processor has On-chip memory of 256KB single-cycle Flash memory up to 40 MHz, 32KB single-cycle SRAM and 2KB EEPROM. It has two quadrature encoder inputs, two Pulse Width Modulation modules, 8 fault inputs to promote low-latency shutdown for advanced motion control and energy applications. Two CAN 2.0 A/B controllers, can be used as USB 2.0 OTG/Host/Device, has 8 UARTs, Six I²C modules and Four Synchronous Serial Interface modules (SSI). ARM CORTEX-M4 has JTAG and ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) option as well.

Features of MAC 612 include:

  • 12 High precision  Analog input ports configurable for 0-5V, 0-10V or 0-20ma or 4 to 20mA.
  • Real time monitoring of Digital inputs.
  • Digital output’s can be operated in Automatic or Manual mode.
  • User configurable automation logic for DO’s based on time, week day, status of analog and digital inputs .
  • Pulse counting for Data acquisition from
  • Server as well as SMS alerts for DI/DO changes.