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What is Power Quality

Power quality is a set of electrical boundaries that allows a piece of equipment to function in its intended manner without significant loss of performance or life expectancy. All electrical devices are prone to failure when exposed to one or more power quality problems. The electrical device might be an electric motor, a transformer, a generator. All of these devices and others react adversely to power quality issues depending on the severity of problems

Power Quality (PQ) related issues are of most concern nowadays. The widespread use of electronic equipment, such as power electronics, adjustable speed drives (ASD), programmable logic controllers (PLC), energy-efficient lighting etc led to a complete change of electric loads nature. These loads are simultaneously the major causers and the major victims of power quality problems. Due to their non-linearity, all these loads cause disturbances in the voltage waveform.

Power Quality Audit

The PQA uses network analyzers, instruments specially designed to detect faults and deteriorations and record parameters and information that may be of use in locating the causes of disturbances.

The data is collected and analyzed by our engineers, who can then diagnose the problems and suggest the most appropriate solutions.

The Advantages of PQA-

The PQA final report provides a complete picture of the electrical system’s correct state of operation. The report is a tool of primary importance for preventive maintenance, in that it lists all the measures to be taken promptly when disturbances are detected, before the negative impact on production and the running of the equipment is felt.

Energy Efficiency Audit Services

Electrical Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of Electrical Energy Management. It helps in the judicious and effective use of energy to maximize profits (by fixing leaks, using energy saving equipment’s to reduce cost) and enhance competitive position. With rising costs of electricity, proactive energy management is becoming these days a necessity almost everywhere. Add to that the environmental benefits from such a focus, for example the reduction in carbon emissions and the limiting of environmental impact. It can help you in achieving all this and meet your targets.

We assist our valued customers in reducing their electricity bills by identifying energy saving areas, selecting right sized electric panels depending on their expected loads, properly managing chiller, air conditioning and lighting operations, and deploying electrical energy saving devices.

Today a proper power quality audit is essential as to save costs arising due to repair and maintenance. Power Quality Audit helps in a number of ways to help maintain the power supply.