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Automated Water Tanker Filling Management System

The Tanker Filling Stations are currently manually operated. This often leads to overflow events as the tanks are often left unmonitored. Overflow events also result in a loss of Water for the Distribution Company. In addition, the lack of a real-time Water meter also leaves an uncertainty in the actual quantity of Water that has been filled in the Water Tanker. Therefore an automated filling management system is preferable in the long term as it accurately quantifies the Water dispensed as against monies paid, minimizes the loss of Water and helps to bring in transparency in the process and also increases operational efficiency.

An automated system manages the filling process through the use of a Key ID with a built-in identification mechanism, an automated Water data logger to record the volume of Water withdrawn at each filling spout

In addition, the system will manage the entry and exit gates through the use of a camera at the gate and a gate barrier, preventing unauthorized entry of Tankers.

The system has the following features:

(a) Automatic switch on/off of the Tanker Filling Station Water spout.

(b) Automatic switch off when the prepaid designated quantity is dispensed.

(c) Real-time Water meter.

(d) Records of Water dispensed.

(e) Records of Tanker Driver and billing information.

(f) Automatic entry and exit of the Tanker Filling Station.