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Transformer Explosion Prevention and Fire Extinguishing System

Preempts explosion and consequent fire in all type of oil filled with transformers. Patented design and method having patents in more than 80 countries. Environment friendly fool-proof system. Retrofit possible with a minimum outage. Suitable for indoor/outdoor/unmanned installations. Can be operated in the absence of power. Low maintenance. Unaffected by climate changes. Approved by all renowned transformer manufacturers, railways, domestic and international utilities, Consultants and Power Producers.

The Patented design of Transformer Conservator Isolation Valve (TCIV), now increasingly being used as a standard accessory in oil filled Transformers upto 765kV, isolate the Conservator oil from draining during bushing bursting, Tank rupture and / or fire, avoiding further aggravation by the Conservator oil in the event of fire